We need Abortion!

This is a very topical and controversial topic since the USA has made it possible to criminalize abortion. It so important and such a massive violation of the rights, not only woman but their partners as well. Its strange to think that some people in an office with no medical background, usually past the age of making babies, decide what you can do with your body, even if it could kill you.

So, what exactly is an abortion? It is a procedure that can be done either,

  • Medically- hormonal treatment within the first 9 weeks via an oral medication to induce a miscarriage that results in bleeding from the breakdown of the womb. Or
  • Surgically- where there is a medical preparation then in sterile surgical environment under sedation the foetus is removed via suction or dilation and evacuation (D & E). Being a same day procedure and generally very safe but can cause an injury to the uterus. This can be performed up to 20-24 weeks but with exceptions after that, often needing 2 doctors’ approval.

Abortions are conducted around 80,000 time a year in Australia and is highly used worldwide. In countries where it is illegal or not readily available the rich are more likely to receive the procedure whereas the poor are more likely to risk their health and are more likely to go through with back ally procedures which are incredibly dangerous. When abortions are easily accessible through a safe sterile medical environment, there is only a 3% chance of complications, with bleeding, infection, or injury to uterus being the some common.

Most abortions are performed in the first trimester and must be 16 years or older to have the procedure with exceptions. Half to 3/5 of all pregnancies are surprise pregnancies and many women do keep the child and adjust their lifestyle. This proves that it is often more complicated than just wanting an abortion, including many mental, social, financial, and physical causes. After the procedure, most facilities provide counseling, showing the huge mental toll it takes on the woman without the added stigma.

The more social side of abortions are most commonly financial reason, not being able to afford the child to give them the life they want, and timing or planning, being too young, just had a child, in the middle of study etc. Other reasons include, focusing on other children/ job/ education, partner related, not independent or mature enough, don’t want to put the child up for adoption, mental health issues, and family and friends’ influence. Many people have incredibly complicated life, and any combination of these issues will create a harsh environment where they do not feel, they are able to provide or care for a child well enough.

Then there is the less prevalent, but probably considered more important reasons are the medical causes. There are several medical conditions that can be fatal to the mom if the child is not aborted. In many of these cases it is not taken lightly and can be extremely hard for the mother to chose to abort. This includes the placenta abruption (the placenta separating from the uterus), premature rupture of the membranes, impending miscarriage, cancer, infection, advanced hyperemesis (nausea and vomiting) and advanced preeclampsia (high blood pressure).

There are also several tests that are conducted in the first and second trimester to determine the foetus’s health. These include blood tests and ultrasounds, if there are concerns there can also be some more invasive test conducted. The discussions of abortion with commence if there are evidence of chromosomal abnormalities, birth defects or hydrocephalus (excess CSF).

No woman enjoys having to go through a procedure such as abortion, but many women have no choice. This legislation takes away the right of not only the mother but also the father. Without abortion we risk losing not only the foetus but the mother as well, meaning that a father could lose his whole family in one fell swoop.

Most importantly its our body! We demand the right to chose what we do.

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