It’s about music Baby

Quen and I have been going to a music, sensory and movement class together each week through Making Rainbows. It is a lot of fun for both of us. Quen enjoys the new activities, making noise, and meeting other babies/mothers. The speed of his development, confidence, and communication has been amazing to watch. The main components are music, singing and playing instruments. Recently he learnt how to make shakers work, he was so proud of himself. One in each hand, up in the air, absolutely showing off. He has made some friends; is learning to interact and even share. Being an only child that is something we definitely need to work on. Listening or creating music, is beneficial to your baby in their physical, cognitive, and mental development.

Physical: Creating music improves gross and fine motor skills, coordination, and develop knowledge of cause and effect. Helps develop hand eye coordination, learning movement of smaller muscles, and improve body awareness.

Cognitive: Music also improves cognitive function, creativity, and problem solving, it’s even thought that music helps the brain work faster. This can also create patience due to learning a new skill, , solving problems, learning to follow instructions and turn taking. And as we all know many songs for babies involve counting, animals, and information of some sort, being a fun way to learn.

Communication: Music helps with language and vocabulary as bub is activating their auditory and prefrontal cortex which is used for both speech and music. They are learning different sound and words in a fun way that encourages them to try. I also find that babies often learn skills from each other and copy each other’s communication skills.

Improves memory: A baby can remember and recognise a simple melody. Repeating simple songs or tunes to bub can help with memory, sooth baby or make them happy. They love repetition and become excited with a happy song that they know.

Social: Being at a class it is a very fun and social environment causing happy babies, improving mood and the bond between baby and mum or dad. Seeing them try new things and learn skills is unbelievable and reminds you how quick they learn. It’s an outlet for them and a way to express themselves in a creative and positive manner.

Emotional: Listening can improve their mood by releasing dopamine and oxytocin, leading to a more happy and helpful baby. While playing music is an outlet for them and a way to express themselves in a creative and positive manner.

There are so many more advantages to babies learning through music, but simply them having fun is reason enough. I will do anything to see my son smile and I swear he knows when we are going each week as he gets excited on the drive there. Then is crashed out on the way home exhausted.

Grab your shakers and join in!

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