Things to think about before a Trip with Baby

Whether traveling to a few towns away or the other side of the world there is suddenly so much to think about when you are traveling with an infant. The luggage becomes 10 times heavier, and the car becomes a lot more crammed but with some planning it can make the trip got a lot more smoothly. Here are some things to think about for while you are away.

If you are feeding bub from a bottle, you can use sterilizer bags instead of a large contraption Many of them can be used many times (often enough for a trip) are cheap and take up a lot less room to lug around. Ensuring the water is safe even after boiling or is it better to use bottled water for baby’s feeds? As for solids, if you feel lost without your highchair but it is too hard to transport a feeding seat is a great alternative is a feeding seat. Being smaller, often cheaper, and allows bub to sit at the table like the rest of the family do.

Where will bub sleep? A porta-cot is super handy if you are going away a lot. Test out the mattress before you go as you may need to take one with you as well. This is something that people don’t use a lot so look second hand for a bargain. If traveling to an Air Bn’B, some cater to parents by providing a cot and other useful items which means not lugging items around.

 Will bub have an area to play? Depending on how mobile your baby is you can have a baby gym which is easily portable or just a place for them to have toys on and know is their area. Is the flooring soft enough for them or do you need to take a play mat of some sort?

I know many are like me and can’t afford to just go buy another pram but if you like to travel a lot, a light weight, small and fold-able pram will make traveling and packing the car so much easier. If you are comfortable with carrying bub in a pack, you could think about leaving the pram behind and put bub in a pack when you go places.

Accommodation. Make sure where you are staying is suitable for a baby. If they are on the move, make sure there is no stairs (or have a gate), have doors on bathrooms and that bub can’t get into anything dangerous. If you are staying with family, try and have some baby proofing going on or you will definitely not be relaxing. Also, if the accommodation has child friendly activities especially is you have older children, to keep them entertained.

Babies can struggle being away from their comfort zone and out of routine. While you are away having a blanket or comforter that is from home can ease any fears baby has at night. Try and keep the routine as similar, such as times of naps or sleep. New experiences are great for baby to learn and grow but keeping a core routine can help reduce over tired tears.

Unfortunately, it won’t always be straight forward going on holiday with a baby as it was before. You will have to change to baby friendly activities and be mindful of when you go out, how long, the temperature/sun and how much stimulation there will be. Think about who you can take with you i.e., grandparents or a friend, this can give you a baby sitter for a dinner out and some alone time.

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