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Mum vs Life goals

I’m back! I hadn’t posted in a while.

I needed a break being tired and not looking after myself. I had expectations on myself that were too hard at that time, I needed to take care of myself a bit better. Being a new mum is such a journey that no one ever gets perfect. Sometimes you are doing great and going for walks and eating well, other times you need to priorities yourself and ask those you love to give you some time. Look after baby or cook dinner, help with the huge pile of washing that never seems to end. Sleep regressions and growth spirts never seem to help.

Goals in career or life become so much harder to achieve.

I am on the count down to returning to work. Some of me is excited, some wishes I could stay at home with Quen forever. I had put my career on hold for while I was pregnant and had my boy but I begun concentrating on my goals again. Working towards new opportunities really excites me. But sometimes I wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew. In July I will go back to work luckily only part time, but I will also be starting another lot of study. Only for a year for now but I haven’t done any study since 2016. But this will help me move towards where I really want to be. I will also be trying to find a position where it is in more of this direction rather than front line working. So, if you know nursing I am moving away from working with the patients on the floor, to making patients visits better behind the scenes.

With me being an organisational freak, I am getting ready now. Sorting out my study through enrolments. Ordered new uniforms as I have gained so much weight, I can’t fit any of my old ones. Sorting out the paperwork for what shifts I want. I am very lucky with my work, they are so accommodating, allowing me to work 2 days a week of my choice. Nothing better than a great manager! And I know day 1 will be all about sorting out ID accesses and sorting out all my passwords…. How fun….

So will I be able to work hard enough to study, work and be a new mum…. Only one way to find out.

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