The Benefits of Journaling

The benefits of journaling

Journaling each day has so many benefits for not only mental but physical health. Just spending a few minutes each day can help with organising thoughts and feelings, create awareness, and help achieve goals. When it comes to anxiety and depression, it is often exacerbated by negative thoughts and stressors running through your mind. This can be helped when writing a journal, lists or even jotting down thoughts when they come up. It may be a big commitment when you are busy, I often find it hard to keep up journaling each day, but if you can keep it up the benefits are worth it.

Regularly writing down the emotions and thoughts running through your mind, helps stop negative thoughts repeating and lets them go. Writing everything down supports you to process your feelings and everything on your mind, while organising them and getting to the root of the cause.

In return reducing stress by releasing pent up emotions. This also helps you to become calmer and clears your mind.  I personally find it so helpful to get everything out of my mind and on paper and to process emotions when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I often keep my writing private, but when I want to talk to someone, this helps me to find the words to explain what I am feeling. This is often  hard for me to express verbally.

Writing a little bit each day can help you to track your mental health, explore your experiences, see the causes, and show the ups and downs that you have experienced. This enables you to become more aware of the causes. Helping identify patterns and reflecting on your experience. If you are going through treatment, it can enable you to track your progress and your treatment. Looking back on your mental health can help you to enhance your self-awareness and teaches you about your triggers.

Writing helps with productivity and goals. This is through collecting ideas then setting out, tracking, and achieving goals. To achieve this by planning them out first, reduces risk and helps gain confidence. This enables the planning of appropriate words to be used for communicating to colleagues throughout projects or work opportunities.

Other benefits from writing is tracking life events for you and your family. Reading back will remind you of happy memories and events. It is proven to help physical health by reducing the stress and stains on the body while promoting creativity through your writing. Writing also improves and broadens your vocabulary.

 Finally writing lists organises thoughts and helps remind you of all the things you need to do and buy.

So, what are you waiting for, go start writing!

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