New Mum

Best part of being a new mum

Most of my life I hummed and hawed about if I really wanted a child. I know a lot of people who do this but as I got older, I felt the pressure to make my mind up, because it’s now or never. When I finally met my partner there was almost this relief as I felt the security and support. I made my decision, and everything started to fall into place. 

Looking back at my pregnancy it seems like a blur, can’t believe I carried him for 9 months. In the moment it felt like forever. With the sore hips and lack of sleep, towards the end it actually felt like I was being prepared for having a child. Looking back now it feels like a blur and I have now forgotten all the changes my body went through. Even the birth is becoming a distant memory, and that was Quen coming in such a rush I was unable to receive any pain relief.

Do I regret it? Hell no! Best decision I ever made in my life. Having a baby isn’t for everyone but it was a perfect fit for me. Quentin has changed my life completely and made me feel whole. Cliché I know. I was never the person to see babies and “aww” or want to hold them. But my baby is the cutest, most amazing being in the world….. not biased or anything.

Although I do miss many things from my old life, one being sleep.  Watching Quen grow and learn has filled my life with so much joy. I feel the favourite part of my life is having him smile and laugh at me. Having such a pure little man in my life has made me review my life and challenge myself in ways I could have only imagined. I remind myself I only have a short time with him at this innocent age and I need to make the most of it.  Most importantly enjoying the time I have with Quen as these are very precious moments.

I have changed somewhat since becoming a mother. This includes trying my hand at blogging and finally getting my butt into gear with changing the direction I want for my job. I am in some ways excited about going back to work, but I am grateful it’s only part time, meaning I can spend precious time with bub.

Of course, times are hard. Like when he decides to play silly bugger at 1am and won’t go back to sleep for an hour. But these are the things I will use against him later in life. My mental health and physical appearance have been affected, but as time goes by I adjust to the change and accept my new way of life. I have learnt so much but know that I have so much more to learn. As Quen develops it’s like a whole new stage with new traits and new learnings for both of us.

I constantly get asked if I will have another one, honestly, I don’t know. So far, I’m just enjoying the special time I have right now because the time will pass before I know it.

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